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Today, I dedicated myself to doing “homework”.  The kind of work that makes you remember why you work so hard the rest of the time, whether it’s mowing the lawn or cleaning the bathroom or doing laundry.  It  reconnects us to our real purpose, why we strive to better ourselves and why we are striving for nicer things.

When I feel overwhelmed and lost, a lot of the times, a simple day at home “catching up” so to speak can make me feel organized and remotivated to work my jobs or other responsibilities.  Let me give you three examples of what “homework” does for you.

  1. When losing sight of why you work so hard, dedicate 2 uninterrupted hours to your home.  Be the adult during that time and realize the jobs that are being done while you are at work and you will appreciate coming home much more and the help you have.
  2. Doing homework, makes us realize that others are tired some days or don’t want to do the same job every day….  do you realize that cleaning will need to be done again tomorrow? what is important?  where do you want to put your commitment ?
  3. Homework resolidifies our commitment to our home, it reminds of us of things we still need to work on, projects we have left undone, and most of all our commitment to the ones we love.

Take your homework seriously.  Connect to your home and your family.  That is what you are working for.  Recommit to your priorities and you will gain clarity through the rest of your life.  Your home is the foundation of your life and should be treated with respect and protected from the chaos outside our lives.  I hope next time you feeling overwhelmed with life in general, you take a few hours to clean your garage, or bedroom or whatever is weighing on your mind and you will find the organization begins to fall into place and you feel better about it all.

Three ways to stop the downward plunge

11058371_831390240285956_732391009811275055_nWho is responsible?  Who is accountable?  Not for others, but for you?  If you answered yourself, you were right.  It seems when things start to go “south” so to speak, they seem to snowball or pick up momentum with each thing that goes wrong.  Want to stop the snow ball?  Here are three theoretical ways to stop your snowballing life.

  1. When you have created a hole with your own actions or decision, lay down the shovel!
    1. Stop the behavior you have been consistently repeating (shoveling, making your hole bigger)
  2. Look up!  Look to the clear skies for clear thinking.  Stop trying to come up with a solution to your hole that always begins with your shovel!
    1. Try something new, something you have not been doing before.  Something that is positive and looking upward to your solution, not down.
  3. Get a grip!  And start climbing!  Don’t look down until you are out of the hole!  Always looking up for your next finger grip!  Don’t be afraid to break your nails, get dirty or have some scrapes while changing your life

My point in this blog is RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY AND FORWARD PROGRESS OUT OF PROBLEMS.  We are responsible for our lives, we are responsible for our happiness and successes!  I encourage you if you are feeling down!  Not only should you take the responsibility of your life, but move forward, change what is wrong and don’t go back!  Be grateful and always look up to your Higher Power!


This morning I listened to a training talk on momentum!  How to build it, how to keep it and who is responsible for it.  Guess what and who it is ???  YOU !  You are responsible for it!  Are you taking accountability for your life?  Are you propelling it in the direction you want to go? Well guess what, it’s a daily choice.  You must set goals, you must live each day with those goals in mind to be successful!

Never  forget where you came from and feel gratitude for it, but move on keeping it as a memory, not a place you are going back to.

I want to build momentum in my life and create successes as I go.  One of the tips was to follow up a success with another one immediately.  Share your successes with your team or with people you would like to inspire.

I love the new business I am starting, I believe in the product and most of all want to help people I know need this physically.  But in the long term, I hope to inspire the ones I touch their lives, to go get it!  “the struggle is real”  Damn straight it is!!  Do it struggle to move forward, work hard and don’t stop believing in your strength or your goals.  Know that as you reach your goals, you must set new ones or you will begin to dig another hole in your life!!!  Health, wellness, education and laughter are some of a few of my priorities in this life.  Have a great Monday! #health #protandim #Lifevantage #business opportunity #wellness


Anyone interested in speaking with me about the LifeVantage opportunity or the products please give message me.products 400 tall_fb

hmmmmmm Entrepreneur?

I think it just might work!!! 🙂  I think I might just be able to do this thing!  Wait, I am sure I can with God’s help!!  Heck yeah!  I am all over this life.  As I have been so afraid not to take a “real job”  I haven’t been compelled by any of the offers to change my life to a point of slavery for them.  I have continued to network for the last year really, but in the last 6 months of knowing I wasn’t going to have a job, I have put myself into play mode and put myself in motion.  As the job offers roll in, it makes me so happy and humble to know that i am getting what I have asked for.  I am so grateful in so many ways.  This is the first chance as a single mom, I have made the decisions to be able to stay at home more with my kids and even though my biological children are truly grown, my granddaughters need me to be a big part of their lives, to help them and their momma.  I take that job seriously and with pride.  My first round of raising children, sometimes I really think I didn’t realize what a job I had….  This time, I know what I lost in time with the others and I don’t want to miss that again.

When I came here to start a new life, I didn’t want to recreate the old one!!  I wanted a new life and I wanted it different.  That is what I did.  I have been choosy about who I was going to share my life with this time and what a peace there has been!  What a protection to take care of your own!  As I mature, I learn new things and new ways to resolve this life we have.  Instead of fighting or being argumentative, show kindness and understanding and usually the fight is over.  I am so grateful for my new life.

AAAAAAAAANd now in this life, the new business!!!  Social media marketing and website maintenance!!!  I have 3 new prospects as of yesterday….  Life is ever changing, look up, smile, say thank you and get moving for your day!!!

God bless you! and your day! smile-122

Soccer day!!!!!


At the close of yesterday, my exhaustion from life was definitely showing 🙂  But ah! today the new day!  with new responsibilities and new adventures!  I chose not to go work out this morning but instead to use some time management  and do laundry and make myself feel happy at home.  Humbly yesterday, the things I think I know I found out, not as much for sure.  Again, today is a new day, I choose to face the future head one and move forward, be willing to learn from my failures.  As I so honestly pass out this advice, today I will give it to myself.  Henry Ford said so eloquently ” Failure is the chance to begin again new!”   Soccer is one at 11:15 for the pics of the girls!!!

Love having a purpose in this life!