Three ways to stop the downward plunge

11058371_831390240285956_732391009811275055_nWho is responsible?  Who is accountable?  Not for others, but for you?  If you answered yourself, you were right.  It seems when things start to go “south” so to speak, they seem to snowball or pick up momentum with each thing that goes wrong.  Want to stop the snow ball?  Here are three theoretical ways to stop your snowballing life.

  1. When you have created a hole with your own actions or decision, lay down the shovel!
    1. Stop the behavior you have been consistently repeating (shoveling, making your hole bigger)
  2. Look up!  Look to the clear skies for clear thinking.  Stop trying to come up with a solution to your hole that always begins with your shovel!
    1. Try something new, something you have not been doing before.  Something that is positive and looking upward to your solution, not down.
  3. Get a grip!  And start climbing!  Don’t look down until you are out of the hole!  Always looking up for your next finger grip!  Don’t be afraid to break your nails, get dirty or have some scrapes while changing your life

My point in this blog is RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY AND FORWARD PROGRESS OUT OF PROBLEMS.  We are responsible for our lives, we are responsible for our happiness and successes!  I encourage you if you are feeling down!  Not only should you take the responsibility of your life, but move forward, change what is wrong and don’t go back!  Be grateful and always look up to your Higher Power!


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