hmmmmmm Entrepreneur?

I think it just might work!!! 🙂  I think I might just be able to do this thing!  Wait, I am sure I can with God’s help!!  Heck yeah!  I am all over this life.  As I have been so afraid not to take a “real job”  I haven’t been compelled by any of the offers to change my life to a point of slavery for them.  I have continued to network for the last year really, but in the last 6 months of knowing I wasn’t going to have a job, I have put myself into play mode and put myself in motion.  As the job offers roll in, it makes me so happy and humble to know that i am getting what I have asked for.  I am so grateful in so many ways.  This is the first chance as a single mom, I have made the decisions to be able to stay at home more with my kids and even though my biological children are truly grown, my granddaughters need me to be a big part of their lives, to help them and their momma.  I take that job seriously and with pride.  My first round of raising children, sometimes I really think I didn’t realize what a job I had….  This time, I know what I lost in time with the others and I don’t want to miss that again.

When I came here to start a new life, I didn’t want to recreate the old one!!  I wanted a new life and I wanted it different.  That is what I did.  I have been choosy about who I was going to share my life with this time and what a peace there has been!  What a protection to take care of your own!  As I mature, I learn new things and new ways to resolve this life we have.  Instead of fighting or being argumentative, show kindness and understanding and usually the fight is over.  I am so grateful for my new life.

AAAAAAAAANd now in this life, the new business!!!  Social media marketing and website maintenance!!!  I have 3 new prospects as of yesterday….  Life is ever changing, look up, smile, say thank you and get moving for your day!!!

God bless you! and your day! smile-122


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