About Me



I am 43 years old. I was born in Durango, CO in 1971.  I am an original Coloradoan.  I was raised in a strict Baptist home and for that I am grateful.  I have expanded my spirituality, but my basis for my beliefs is mostly Bible driven, however, I have a broad spectrum of beliefs that include acceptance, in the hopes we can understand God and other people better.

I came in to this world with a gift to give, that give is LOVE.  I am told to just give of my thoughts, love and spirituality to help light others road to enlightenment.  Please understand that your enlightenment might not have anything to do with me, other than your own awareness growing and expanding for who you want to be as a human.

I hope you enjoy my blog, it will include a lot of happenings from my life and from my own perspective of things happening.  I wish to not offend anyone, but will keep my opinions and beliefs true to myself in this site.

Peace be with you!  and may love and light shine on your path to help you walk through this dark world.


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