Today, I dedicated myself to doing “homework”.  The kind of work that makes you remember why you work so hard the rest of the time, whether it’s mowing the lawn or cleaning the bathroom or doing laundry.  It  reconnects us to our real purpose, why we strive to better ourselves and why we are striving for nicer things.

When I feel overwhelmed and lost, a lot of the times, a simple day at home “catching up” so to speak can make me feel organized and remotivated to work my jobs or other responsibilities.  Let me give you three examples of what “homework” does for you.

  1. When losing sight of why you work so hard, dedicate 2 uninterrupted hours to your home.  Be the adult during that time and realize the jobs that are being done while you are at work and you will appreciate coming home much more and the help you have.
  2. Doing homework, makes us realize that others are tired some days or don’t want to do the same job every day….  do you realize that cleaning will need to be done again tomorrow? what is important?  where do you want to put your commitment ?
  3. Homework resolidifies our commitment to our home, it reminds of us of things we still need to work on, projects we have left undone, and most of all our commitment to the ones we love.

Take your homework seriously.  Connect to your home and your family.  That is what you are working for.  Recommit to your priorities and you will gain clarity through the rest of your life.  Your home is the foundation of your life and should be treated with respect and protected from the chaos outside our lives.  I hope next time you feeling overwhelmed with life in general, you take a few hours to clean your garage, or bedroom or whatever is weighing on your mind and you will find the organization begins to fall into place and you feel better about it all.