This morning I listened to a training talk on momentum!  How to build it, how to keep it and who is responsible for it.  Guess what and who it is ???  YOU !  You are responsible for it!  Are you taking accountability for your life?  Are you propelling it in the direction you want to go? Well guess what, it’s a daily choice.  You must set goals, you must live each day with those goals in mind to be successful!

Never  forget where you came from and feel gratitude for it, but move on keeping it as a memory, not a place you are going back to.

I want to build momentum in my life and create successes as I go.  One of the tips was to follow up a success with another one immediately.  Share your successes with your team or with people you would like to inspire.

I love the new business I am starting, I believe in the product and most of all want to help people I know need this physically.  But in the long term, I hope to inspire the ones I touch their lives, to go get it!  “the struggle is real”  Damn straight it is!!  Do it struggle to move forward, work hard and don’t stop believing in your strength or your goals.  Know that as you reach your goals, you must set new ones or you will begin to dig another hole in your life!!!  Health, wellness, education and laughter are some of a few of my priorities in this life.  Have a great Monday! #health #protandim #Lifevantage #business opportunity #wellness


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